Buy land in Finland

Northern Finland is one of the few places left where you can still acquire your own piece of land in magnificent nature, to a reasonable price. Silvestica Estates includes thousands of hectares in the scenic Woodlands of the Province of Kainuu in Northern Finland. The area offers many building plots available for international as well as domestic buyers. All plots are beautifully situated with views over one of the many lakes in the area, the most of them with direct access to the water. The area offers unique possibilities to an active lifestyle outdoors – according to your interests. Experience and enjoy the many activities that the four seasons offers – from hunting, hiking and fishing to berry picking, skiing and snow scooter driving. Take a deep breath of clear air and relax.

Experience Nordic wildlife

As a land owner associated to Silvestica Estates, you have the possibility to join the local hunting club offering you hunting rights in the area, as well as great company. You will also have the proprietors’ right to fishing in Lakes and will have the public right to roam forests and lands in accordance to the applicable legislation. It is also possible to buy temporary or yearly hunting and fishing permissions valid on hundreds of thousand hectares of state grounds.

Plots by the lake

The most plots of Silvestica Estates are arranged in blocks with either two or three plots, each plot measuring 0,3-1,5 hectare. Depending on your requests regarding location and privacy you have the possibility to buy as many plots you want within the block. We also offer the opportunity to buy additional land, usually up to 1 hectare, realizing the dream of your own small forest property. The size of the plots will leave you room to maintain the forest at the property bounds, enhancing the feeling of living close to nature.

Of course, you will have the opportunity to build your own pier and maybe a nice boat for fishing trips.

Prepared for construction

All sites have been prepared for construction and are approved by the municipal building plan. You are free to build a residence and complementary buildings such as storage, garage and – of course – a Finnish Sauna according to the conditions set by the authorities. Your building plans are to be approved by the municipality but there is a great freedom of choice regarding architecture and materials. Still, you will be able to face the view of the lake from your own cottage close to the shore. When investing in a Silvestica Estate plot you are not obliged to choose specific building types, home builders or contractors. Just start sketching your dream home. Or even easier; have a look on provided links to house manufacturers and their examples of suitable houses.

Management and maintenance

Forestry management is undertaken by Finnish forest specialist UPM Kymmene, ensuring that the forests surrounding your property will retain their beauty, and are managed in a long-term and sustainable way. UPM also offers services to manage the trees adjacent to your own plot, when and if needed. For regular maintenance of your property when you are not on site, there are several trustworthy actors available.

Exploring the Finnish lifestyle

Silvestica Estate plots are situated in the province of Kainuu, wich is well-known in Finland for its many possibilities to outdoor life at all seasons. The region is characterized by its widespread forests and clean waters, the architecture reminding of the natural resources at hand: timber houses, built by hand or produced in series.


Closest municipalicities: Suomussalmi, Kuhmo, Hyrynsalmi, Ristijärvi.
Closest city: Kajaani: 35/160 km, Oulu: 180/220 km.
Closest Airport: Kuusamo, Kajaani and Oulu 40/220 km.
To Helsinki: 600/750 km.
WiFi/Internet: 4G