For investors seeking larger properties for developing holiday villages, Silvestica Estates offers several alternatives.

For example, you will have the unique opportunity to invest in a full-scale building plan covering an entire lake area. This is the perfect platform for building a nature tourism business on the growing Finnish tourist market.

Finnish legislation provides very favourable terms in connection to this kind of investments. As an international developer, you can benefit from a stable, reliable and uncorrupted regulatory environment, safety, one of the most skilled work forces in the world and the unique natural environments. As a member of the EU, Finland is an active part of the international community with an open mind towards foreign investments. Finland is also the only Nordic country with Euro currency and has a low corporate tax rate, only 20%, facilitating a high return on investment.

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Raimo Petäsnoro
CEO Rantamökki
Real Estate Agent, Oulu
Phone: +358 40 5578487

Example of property with more than one plot