Silvestica Estates Plots

Below we have selected six different plots among a vast number of properties listed at Rantamökki Real Estate Agency.

This is to show you a glimpse of different plots, where they are located, their surroundings etc…

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CEO Rantamökki
Real Estate Agent, Oulu
Phone: +358 40 5578487

Suomussalmi Kiantajärvi - 8 plots

Price: 206 700 €
Area: 5.24 hectares (8 plots)
Address: Suomussalmi Kiantajärvi
Jauraniementie 7
89800 Suomussalmi
Municipality: Suomussalmi

Hyrynsalmi Kalliojärvi – lake shore plot

Price: 18 500 €
Area: 3.000 m²
Address: Hyrynsalmi Kalliojärvi
Uimarannantie 1b
89400 Hyrynsalmi
Municipality: Hyrynsalmi
Amenities: Ukkohalla ski resort 5 km,
Hyrynsalmi 12 km

Suomussalmi Naamajärvi – Leisure plot

Price: 19 200 €
Area: 4.100 m²
Address: Suomussalmi Naamajärvi
Keskisentie 88
89600 Suomussalmi
Municipality: Suomussalmi

Kuhmo Viiksimojärvi – Leisure plot

Price: 15 900 €
Area: 5.100 m²
Address: Kuhmo Viiksimojärvi
Matilantie 82
88900 Kuhmo
Municipality: Kuhmo

Suomussalmi Vuokki – Lake shore plot

Price: 22 700 €
Area: 6 000 m²
Address: Suomussalmi Vuokki
Kinnulantie 12 B
89830 Ala-vuokki
Municipality: Suomussalmi

Suomussalmi Aittojärvi – Lake shore plot

Price: 6 300 €
Area: 5 200 m²
Address: Suomussalmi Kianta
Matalavaarantie 17
89600 Suomussalmi
Municipality: Suomussalmi

Silvestica Estates has a large number of plots listed at Rantamökki Real Estate Agency.

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