“Ever since the kids where small, we have returned to these woods with joy and expectation. The fresh air, the clean water and the wonderful prospects of being physically active – or doing absolutely nothing! – made us come back for more. We started to dream of having our very own place somewhere in the Ruka-Kuusamo region. Its far away from heavy industries, but still accessible, you’ve got service and communications at hand, with magnificent nature and wildlife at your door. Finally, we got the possibility to acquire a building plot at the shores of the Kantojärvi Lake.

We thought the location was great, with spectacular views over the lake and direct access to the water. The lake has sand bottom and clear water making it perfect for boating, fishing, bathing and – of course – the Finnish national activity ‘Sauna’! We decided to invest in a traditional log house and the project was completed in one year with a residence that houses not only me and my wife, but our children with family and friends when they come to visit. We’ve also built a sauna by the water, storage house with a ski wax room, and a small grill hut, where the grand pines offer protection and create a great atmosphere.

I think that this place has a soul of its own. It is something very special about how the view changes, not only with the seasons but with the day. Actually, I don’t think I’ve had two mornings here with the same view. I always wake up prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

A perfect day at Kantojärvi always starts with me and my wife sleeping in, drinking our coffee and contemplating the view and the weather. There is never any hurry, we are totally relaxed and decide what to do as the day comes to life. This is an all year destination and often we match our activities with the season. Cross country skiing in the winter time, enjoying the birds and the wildlife, bicycling and hiking in the spring and summer and picking berries and mushrooms in the autumn. I know that our children love to have the opportunity coming here, and we really cherish the thought of being able to gather family and friends in our little paradise for years to come. Hopefully, we’ll get the opportunity to pass our holiday home on to the next generations. It is really a dream come true!”

Raimo Petäsnoro

Raimo Petäsnoro is the real estate broker chosen by Silvestica Estates as he is a man who walks the talk. Raimo has invested a lot of time and love to realize his dream about a holiday home in the area and is a true ambassador for our project.